Navali wins UDIA NSW award for Excellence in Apartments Mid-Rise

Urban were extremely proud to see Navali selected as a finalist for two awards in the UDIA NSW & Coronation Awards for Excellence 2023.

Navali was selected for not only the Apartments (Mid-Rise) category, but also the Affordable Housing category, taking out the finalist award for Apartments (Mid-Rise).

This recognition holds significant meaning for Urban, as it acknowledges the hard work and dedication of the Urban and broader team being DKO ArchitectureTurf Design Studio, community housing provider Link Wentworth, and SDA provider MyLife Housing.

Your collaboration and expertise have been instrumental in the success of this project, and we are grateful for the lasting relationships we have built.

What we learnt at Urban during this journey, is that if you design and build to “meet the market”, you do just that, and you handcuff not only design, but also innovation.

Throughout the design and construction process we continually ask ourselves, “what would you do if this was your home?”

The result? Cinema rooms, communal kitchens, vegetable gardens, children and pet friendly areas, outdoor fitness spaces, and rooms filled with building material samples.

This is what has made Navali the gift that keeps on giving. Navali not only validated to our team, but the whole industry, that location and the market should not dictate quality.

You can still build something which is inspirational in design, detailed in construction, affordable in price and accessible, but most importantly, a place we would proudly call home.

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