The Parq receives 4 star Building Trustworthy Indicator (BTI) from KPMG Origins

In addition to being the first building in Australia with Latent Defects Insurance, Urban Property Group have also received a 4 star Building Trustworthy Indicator (BTI) from KPMG Origins for our recently completed project, The Parq in Bexley.

The BTI, created by KPMG Origins with the NSW Office of the Building Commissioner, provides a “Trustworthy Indicator” score to a development after the issue of an occupation certificate. This score is developed based on a combination of data provided by the developer on materials, processes, and participants of a fully constructed building.

The Parq is now the first development in the country to have both a BTI score and Latent Defects Insurance (LDI), developed by an iCIRT rated Developer.

KPMG Origins’ Lead Partner, Mr Laszlo Peter commented:

“It is very exciting to see Urban Property Group setting new standards for residential development in NSW. The Building Trustworthy Indicator result for The Parq has been assessed against the best available construction industry evidence and standards. Investors, residents, or future tenants can have a higher level of trust in the building as demonstrated via the BTI, which was developed with extensive industry collaboration.
BTI is focused on the trustworthiness of the building itself (not the counterparty assessment of builders) and is a one-off indicator issued for the building after completion. Urban Property Group are leading the way in the industry by embracing multiple tools to demonstrate the quality of The Parq, helping future owners and residents to have the utmost of confidence in this development.”

Urban Property Group have long been proud of our reputation for developing high-quality properties, and with the BTI, we saw a great opportunity to formalise the high standards we set for ourselves, and support the reforms that the NSW Government’s Building Commissioner, David Chandler OAM has introduced in recent years.

An incredible achievement to all involved and certainly one we are most proud of to date.

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